Author: Logan Beyer



Once prewriting is out of the way, the next step in writing any paper is drafting - the crucial transition between ideas and words. All too often, articulating an argument is even more challenging than creating it in the first place. It's easy to get stuck. Catering to individual learning styles makes it possible to move past "writer's block" moments. Writers with LDs especially benefit. Though the drafting process is more constrained in terms of the multimodal approaches that can be taken, there are still many opportunities to incorporate individualized strategies. 


To learn more about individual learning styles, click here. After you've identified how you learn best, scroll through the techniques and strategies outlined below. Then, don't procrastinate any longer - write, write, write!

One last tip!


Before you start writing, be sure to turn spell check OFF! Those red squiggly lines don't help anyone. 

Remember: You can always go back and correct spelling later. That's what revision is for.