Author: Logan Beyer

Discuss ideas outloud.


  • Find a friend/tutor

  • Brainstorm with a partner

  • Solidify ideas

  • Write it down 


Brainstorm orally. 


  • Talk to yourself 

  • Solidify ideas

  • Write it down



  • Talk and record

  • Listen and review

  • Solidify ideas


Skim through the list of strategies and their brief discriptions below. If any pique your interest, listen to the short audio clip explaining how to effectively integrate them into your prewriting process. 

Read the prompt, notes, & sources aloud. 


  • Look for patterns 

  • Generate ideas and support

  • Pick a topic

  • Organize ideas 


(For transcripts of these audio files, click here.)

Prewriting for Auditory Learners.