Author: Logan Beyer

Explore the strategies outlined below. Each one represents a prewriting strategy to streamline this initial stage of the writing process. Descriptions are provided underneath for more specific informaton.

Prewriting for Kinesthetic Learners.



Print, highlight, and move


  • Make hardcopies of all notes & sources

  • Highlight useful and interesting information and details

  • Using scissors, cut out chunks of text

  • Physically rearrange into groups of related items 

  • Useful in generating an outline

Use models to organize. 


  • Grab a bunch of random, interesting small items

  • Without trying to put your ideas into words, build a model of how your paper will be organized, using the items symbolically 

  • Useful for organization 

Incorporate movement. 


  • If you get stuck, move

Go for a run

Do a handstand

Pace back and forth

Dance around the room 

Find something that works for you!