Author: Logan Beyer

Look through the images below. Each one represents a prewriting strategy to streamline this initial stage of the writing process. Descriptions are provided underneath for more specific information, along with helpful links.

Prewriting for Visual Learners.



Highlight the prompt. 
Highlight relevant notes/sources. 


  • Use colored highlighters to categorize information 

  • Mark patterns, recurring ideas, and/or related supporting details 

  • Useful in choosing a topic and in organizing ideas after a topic has been selected


Use mindmaps. 


  • Create a graphical or visual organization of ideas and supporting details

  • Useful as a precursor to a formal outline

  • 2 options: paper (with colors!) or online using

Make a timeline.


  • Make a plan and stick to it

  • Create deadlines for each step of the writing process, and draw out a visual timeline to help keep track of everything

  • Useful for reducing anxiety and for breaking down a large paper into manageable bits